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What does Good Surfing consist of?

To the majority of surfers (energy riders), a world title, is not relevant. They are out there just to enjoy nature and exercising. They want to feel the exhilaration, excitement and pleasure of riding a wave, breathing the negative ions within it. Many world titles which are prizes giving to the best surfer competing on a circuit during a year's period, were clinched with a composition of 5 surfing moves. Let us see what they are if you haven't see it already.

The five

After all the preparation that comes before you can actually stand on top of a surfboard floating, paddling and gliding on the face of the ocean, surfing consist of five basic moves. They are called:

  • Drop,

  • Bottom Turn,

  • Top Turn,

  • Tube

  • Cutback.

Each of we will discuss, learn together and are covered on our surfing kata.

The ability to compose a sequence of these five moves thru the extension and duration of a ride with power, flow, creativeness and control is what makes great surfers.

Supportive skills are strength, flexibility and good health.

Make sure to watch our video class

Unlock the first steps in order to conquer the challenge of surfing.

On our surfing kata video class coach Wag will teach us the specific exercises for surfing that will help us to perform these moves in the water. #wagsurf #surfingkata #surfing #dream #summer

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