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A shortcut to success

1. Surfskate 2. Wakesurf 3. Surf

Everytime you standup on a wave you spend only seconds riding and at that ratio it takes years to master your moves.

Surfskates really help the process since a rider can simulate a wave for minutes at the time rehearsing the surfing moves on the ground.

Practicing 10 rep's of Coach Wag's 7 exercises will give you a month's* worth of muscle memory every hour you put in.

Every 12 hours equals a year and so on. You will notice improvement everytime you go surf!

Once you know all the drills on GROUND we will transfer to the WATER behind a wave making machine, either a wakesurf boat or a trip to a wave pool

* Based on 10 waves of 12 seconds per session X 30 days.
* To get excellent result participants can not skip a part of the program.

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Mimi Testimonial

Mimi Testimonial

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Jaelem Testimonial

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Wagner is an incredible Surf Coach. He coached our daughter to becoming two-time West Coast champion! She started out as an average surfer with good instincts and under his tutledge became an amazing surfer. Wagner takes the time to assess the child's ability with videos. He then analyzes where the deficits are and coaches them into their strengths. It's a holistic approach helping the young athlete become more fitness oriented, nutritionally aware and mindfully connected to the water. You'll also notice that he leads by example. He's an incredibly talented surfer. He is also a loving and supportive person. A dedicated family man and a lovely human that I am happy to say that I know. We LOVE Wags!

Melissa Garner Lee

Highly recommend!  I started surfing in my 30’s and the time I spent with Wags helped me improve more in a matter of months than I had in several years.  I’m catching more waves, falling less, having more fun and focusing on maneuvers.  Wags is very professional and focused, always timely for our lessons and every session is packed with information and tips.  He provides very digestible and tailored pointers so you aren’t overwhelmed with advice.  He’s also very helpful when it comes to other things like board selection, wave selection and thinking through surf trips.  I’ve done lessons and coaching sessions with many folks on the west coast and wags is by far the best!  Do yourself a favor and give him a call to get your surfing to where it needs to be!

Nathan T. Daniels

Working with Coach Wag has been such a great experience for me. He made possible for my family to have me training alsmot everyday either picking me up at school or dropping me off afterwards. I got to know great surf spots up and down the coast with next level equipment (the surf van, robot cameras, skate quiver, wake boat…) and great people. Not only did I always have a fun time, I also saw tremendous changes in my surfing. I loved our drives and time we spent to and from the beach our conversations also allowed me to grow as an individual, teaching me important values and life skills such as discipline, humility and a good work ethic. Overall, Wagsurf played a pivotal role in helping me achieve my goals and as a result qualify for the USA National Olympic Junior team.

Lilie Kulber


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